The amazing benefits of Tongue Scraping–

Did you know that your tongue is a window to your wellbeing? In Ayurveda, we believe it’s linked to many of the body’s organs — the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and stomach — and that you can tell how healthy those organs are by keeping a close eye on your tongue. Tongue scraping is a vital Ayurvedic practice which maintains both oral and whole body health.

Intrigued? Here are 5 reasons you should add this simple ritual to your morning routine  –



Tongue scraping improves your body’s ability to digest food. When you’re at your healthiest, as soon as you start eating, your body begins to digest: there are enzymes in your saliva that break down food. However, if your taste buds are blocked due to a buildup on the tongue, it becomes more difficult for your mouth’s receptors to send messages to the brain, so the enzymes are not released, and the very first stage of digestion is delayed. Tongue scraping removes this buildup, enabling easier communication between body and brain.



If you can see a coating on your tongue, it’s usually a build up of toxins, which not only affects your wellbeing, but can also have a direct impact on your ability to taste food. Scraping eliminates toxins and removes dead cells, allowing taste buds to function at their best.



In general, tongue scraping is great for upping your oral hygiene game which means fewer cavities and reduced chances of gum disease, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. This is because tongue scraping gets rid of the bacteria responsible for tooth and gum damage and poor oral health, leaving your mouth even cleaner than a toothbrush can on its own.  



Bacteria is also the main cause of bad breath — it breaks down leftover food on the tongue and teeth, producing smelly sulfur compounds in the process. Removing both the bacteria and the traces of food from your tongue means a decrease in embarrassing odours: win-win!



Your tongue never lies! Ayurveda says the colour of your tongue’s coating can indicate dosha imbalance, too. Be sure to keep an eye on this when you’re scraping; you can make changes to your diet to rebalance your body and restore your tongue’s natural, healthy colour.

Grey, black or brown: there’s a Vata imbalance. Eat warm, spicy foods to counter the cool properties of Vata.

Yellow, orange, red, green: Pitta toxins are present.. Avoid spice and eat cooling foods like coconut, watermelon & avocado.

Thick white: Kapha is off balance. Cook with warming spices to aid digestion.


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