Choosing the Healthiest Sip: Deja's Ayurvedic Lattes vs. Traditional Drinks

Written by: Shirley Gill



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Tired of your usual morning coffee? It might be time to switch things up. Dive into this blog post to explore Deja's Ayurvedic Lattes. As we discuss the downsides of regular coffee, you'll discover why this exceptional Ayurvedic recipe could be the refreshing change you've been looking for. Eager to know more? Let's dive in.

Every morning brings a drink dilemma. Is today a coffee day, with its aromatic wake-up call? Perhaps the soothing promises of green tea? Or maybe, the immediate energy surge from an energy drink? But, here's a fresh thought: Have you ever considered an Ayurvedic latte as your "healthy drink" of choice? Introducing Deja's Ayurvedic Lattes, free from coffee and dairy, a blend of ancient wellness and contemporary nutrition. Let’s dive into why these "healthy latte" mixes might become your new morning ritual.

So. what do we really want when we pick our morning drink? Mostly, we're looking for two things: a quick energy boost to start the day or a soothing drink to calm us. The best drink would offer not just a short burst of energy or a quick calm, but overall well-being for both our body and mind. This is why we might want to look beyond just coffee. 

Why Rethink Your Beverage Choices?

In our search for the perfect morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up, many of us have settled into a routine with our favourite drink. But have we ever stopped to consider the potential side effects of these drinks?

Coffee vs. The Healthy Drink Dilemma: A start to many mornings, coffee has its advantages, such as antioxidants. However, it's important to remember that it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Those late-night coffee sips? They might be the reason behind your sleepless nights. Moreover, coffee can make you feel dehydrated, especially if you're not drinking enough water alongside it. And then, there's the well-known 'coffee jitters' followed by a crash, making you feel even more tired. And let's not overlook those coffee mixes loaded with artificial flavours and sugars, moving away from a truly healthy drink.


Green Tea - The Healthy Drink With a Catch: Often praised as a healthy drink alternative, green tea can also cause some health issues. Despite its health benefits, it contains caffeine. Moreover, if you're not careful about the quality, you might end up with green tea that has high fluoride content or other unwanted substances.


Energy Drinks - Far From a Healthy Drink: The concerns are most prominent here. Energy drinks might promise hours of alertness, but at what cost? Filled with high amounts of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and unnatural colours, they're far from what one would call a healthy drink. Regular drinking of energy drinks can lead to serious health problems such as heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, sleep disorders, and even potential kidney damage.


So, it's time to explore adaptogenic alternatives that offer more than just energy but also full-body well-being. 

A Closer Look at Deja's Ayurvedic Latte Trio: Where Tradition Meets Wellness

In the vast range of beverages, Deja's Ayurvedic latte range stands out, blending age-old traditions with modern nutritional knowledge. Each latte mix offers not only a delightful taste but also a burst of health benefits. Plus, they're organic and cater to all dietary preferences - be it vegan, keto, paleo, or gluten-free. 

Love Cacao Latte: The Adaptogenic Healthy Drink for Chocolate Lovers

Love chocolate but want a healthier choice? The Love Cacao Latte blends chocolate flavour with the adaptogenic benefits of herbs; think of it as the healthiest hot chocolate!


The Blend:

  • Cacao: Tastes great and is known to lift your mood and get you feeling your best. Plus, it's full of antioxidants.

  • Shatavari: Shatavari is especially beneficial for women as it aids in balancing hormones and supports reproductive health. It's known to enhance vitality, boost immunity, and promote overall well-being.

  • Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb that helps reduce stress and improve mood.

Flavour Profile: The rich chocolatey taste makes this a favourite. A "healthy drink" that's perfect for starting your day or to sip on as a moment of self-care before bed. Life hack: add it to your morning oats to set off on your day without the stress!


Glow Wild: A Healthy Latte with a Touch of Rose

Looking for a "healthy drink" that tastes good and is good for your skin? Glow Wild is the answer, combining the goodness of pure rose with other herbs bursting with wellness benefits.


The Blend:

  • Rose: Helps keep the skin hydrated and cool.

  • Sariva: Known to cleanse the body and purify the blood.

  • Manjistha: Traditionally used in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory properties, it also supports skin health and can help in achieving a clear, radiant complexion.

  • Coconut Milk Powder: Packed with Vitamin C and Copper, it's great for keeping the skin looking fresh.

Flavour Profile: With a subtle, creamy rose flavour, this "healthy latte" can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Enjoy hot for a soothing moment, or in the summer serve on ice for a delicious pink milkshake.


Gold Power: More Than Just Turmeric

Everyone's heard of Golden Milk. Gold Power - Turmeric Latte takes it up a notch with adaptogenic herbs and spices to help you handle whatever the season throws at you.


The Blend:

  • Turmeric: Known for its immune boosting health benefits, like reducing inflammation and being full of antioxidants.

  • Black Pepper: Not just a spice, it boosts the absorption of curcumin in turmeric, amplifying its benefits.

  • Cinnamon & Cardamom: Beyond adding flavour, they support healthy digestion and relaxation.

Flavour Profile: The Zing of your morning coffee, without the comedown. With comforting spices, this "healthy latte" feels like a warm hug, good for mornings or before bedtime.

Beverage Breakdown: Coffee, Green Tea, Energy Drinks vs. Deja’s Lattes

Comparative table showcasing the nutrition and health benefits of Coffee, Green Tea, Energy Drinks, and Deja’s Ayurvedic Latte Mixes

In a world full of drink options, picking a "healthy drink" can seem like a big task. Enter Deja’s Ayurvedic Latte mixes. Not your usual drink, they blend great taste with wellness, thanks to adaptogenic herbs. With each sip of this "healthy latte," it's more than just a treat for your taste buds – it's a gift of nature for your whole body. So, when you're thinking about your next drink, keep in mind the adaptogenic wonders of Deja's Lattes. They're the "healthy latte" choice for any time of day.