Cacao Latte Powder: Love Cacao

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Better than coffee, better at sex.

With our new adaptogenic and aphrodisiac Cacao Latte Powder, ‘Netflix and Chill’ never looked so good. 

Packed with 100% natural, vegan and organic ingredients, it’s never been easier to tune into your body, feel at your sexiest and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Shatavari works to balance hormones and has been used for millennia to improve fertility, Ashgwangdha is a tonic for the reproductive system and helps to reduce monthly pains, and Maca is known to boost energy, strength and enhance libido. 

Finally, it wouldn’t be right without the delicious taste of cacao, which is also proven to trigger positive feelings and can make us more open to pleasure and intimacy. 

The perfect after-dinner (or any-time) healthy, guilt-free indulgence; be a latte lover not a fighter. 

Pleasure & intimacy - Thanks to the blend of aphrodisiac and balancing Ayurvedic super-herbs and spices, this latte powder balances hormones, can help increase fertility and gets you in the mood. 
Simple self-care - Your daily ritual just got even better. Simply mix the powder with your milk of choice and let the Ayurvedic super-herbs do all of the hard work. 
Natural, Vegan  & Organic - Our latte powders are 100% natural, organic and completely vegan meaning everyone can take advantage of Ayurveda’s benefits. We don’t use any refined sugar either.
Great taste - Made with organic Cacao, our Chocolate Latte Powder tastes delicious as well as having a number of health benefits too. 
Tried and tested - Each powder takes inspiration from Ayurvedic approaches which have been around for 5,000 years. 

Each serving of Chocolate Latte Powder contains: 

  • Cacao powder
  • Shatavari
  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca
  • Coconut sugar

Chocolate Latte Powder is 100% vegetarian, vegan-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free. It’s also free from filler and doesn't contain any soy.

Approximately 15 servings per jar (2 tsp per serving).

Mix two teaspoons of the powder with a dash of milk (choose your favourite, we like coconut, oat or hazelnut milk) or hot water to make a paste. Then, slowly add the rest of your milk while stirring. Why not try a warm hot chocolate drink in the colder months, sprinkled with gratings of dark chocolate? And, in summer, mix it with cold milk for a delicious milkshake. 

As with any herbal or Ayurvedic supplements, if you take any other medication, are pregnant or suffer from any other conditions, we advise consulting your doctor beforehand.