Boost Your Mood and Sex Life: The Magic of Ayurvedic Practices

Written by: Shirley Gill



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"In this blog, we're spicing things up with Ayurveda's secrets for a fantastic sex life and good mood. Discover how ancient wisdom can boost your good mood and ignite passion in your sex life. Dive in for a double dose of feel-good vibes and intimate delights!"

In our fast-paced world of Tinder swipes and the constant search for the next dopamine hit, we often overlook the age-old secrets that can truly elevate our romantic experiences and also make your "Netflix and Chill" nights even more exciting!

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda! This age-old science isn't just about herbs and healing—it's brimming with practices to enhance your sex life.

Ayurvedic practices have been around for centuries, and today, we're rediscovering how they can be a game-changer for our modern-day sex life. Whether it's the foods we eat, the routines we follow, or the little daily habits we overlook, Ayurvedic practices hold the answers.


So, if you're curious about how Ayurvedic practices can boost your sex life, you're in the right place. 

The Science-Ayurveda Connection

Ayurveda might sound ancient, but guess what? Modern science is nodding its head in agreement with this age-old wisdom, especially when it's about our mood and sex life.


What Does Science Say?


Whole-Body Health: 

Science suggests that when we feel good overall, our sex life thrives. Ayurveda has always highlighted this; a balanced body and mind results in a great mood and a better intimate life.


Adaptogens to the Rescue:

Ashwagandha: In Ayurvedic practices, Ashwagandha is known as king of herbs. Studies suggest that Ashwagandha may help in combating stress, thereby promoting a better mood. As many of us are aware, a positive mood can have a direct impact on our sex life, creating a more conducive environment for intimacy.


Shatavari: Another vital herb from the Ayurvedic repository, Shatavari is often linked with women's health. It has properties that might help regulate mood fluctuations as well and it also promotes hormonal balance in women. A stable mood not only improves daily interactions but can also enhance one's sex life, setting the stage for deeper connections.

Incorporating these Ayurvedic herbs, backed by both traditional wisdom and modern research, can potentially pave the way for a balanced mood and a flourishing sex life.


Hormones in Harmony:

Our sex life and mood are often directed by our hormones. When hormones are balanced, we feel good and our intimate moments get better.

In Ayurveda, there are three energies called doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When these are out of balance, our hormones can be too. For example, too much Vata might make us anxious, affecting our feel-good hormone, serotonin. On the other hand, if Pitta is high, it could mess with our metabolism, influencing hormones like thyroid and cortisol.

But the good news? Ayurveda offers ways to balance these doshas through diet, routines, and herbs. When our doshas are in check, our hormones work better. This means a brighter mood and a spicier sex life. Simple, right?

Balancing Doshas for Better Intimacy

Ever thought about the link between Ayurveda's 'doshas' and your sex life? Let's break it down. Ayurveda talks about three energy types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Think of them as the secret ingredients for your mood and your romantic moments. Cool, right?


1. Vata (Think Air and Space): Got a lot of Vata? You’re often lost in thoughts. It’s cool for daydreaming, but sometimes it can get in the way of close moments. When Vata's not in check, you might feel a bit anxious, which isn't great for setting the mood.

  • Tip: To balance Vata, eat warm and grounding foods like soups and stews. Avoid excessive caffeine and cold drinks. Meditation or gentle yoga can also help to keep you grounded.

2. Pitta (Fire with a Touch of Water): People with a Pitta vibe? You're usually full of zest. But when things aren't balanced, you might get a tad edgy, making intimate moments a bit tricky.

  • Tip: To cool down excess Pitta, enjoy foods that are sweet, bitter, or astringent. A simple step like avoiding spicy foods and hot drinks can help. Taking walks in nature, especially near water, can also be calming.


3. Kapha (The Earth and Water Mix): Kapha people? You’re the steady, comforting types. But, if you're feeling off, there might be more "chill" and less "thrill" in the bedroom.

  • Tip: For balancing Kapha, include light and dry foods in your diet. Activities like brisk walking or any form of exercise can help energize Kapha types.

Life's ups and downs can shake up these vibes. If you're not feeling up for romance or your mood's off, these doshas might be the reason.


But here’s the good news: Ayurvedic practices have got tips and tricks to help. They're not just old ideas; they're handy tools for a better sex life. So, if you want to juggle daily life, keep a good mood, and boost your sex life, Ayurvedic practices are here to help. It’s like getting pro tips for your love life!


Simple Ayurvedic Practices to Boost Your Sex Life

Here’s some Ayurvedic tips to boost your sex life:


1. Eat Right, Feel Bright: Looking for a fun, tasty way to perk up your mood and sex life? Ayurveda’s got you covered. Here’s a simple breakdown of some foods that do double duty:


  • Why They Rock: Packed with vitamin E and magnesium, almonds help with blood flow and hormone production. The result? A good mood and a zesty sex life.

  • Tip: Munch on soaked almonds. They’re not just delicious; they’re mood and libido boosters.


  • Why It's Sweet: Beyond its delicious taste, honey’s got boron to balance hormones and nitric oxide that gets things buzzing during those intimate moments. Plus, it’s an energy kickstart!

  • Tip: A spoonful of honey can make your mood and sex life soar.


  • Why It's Great: Asparagus isn’t just for fancy dinners. With folate and vitamin E, it’s boosting those happy neurotransmitters and improving circulation.

  • Tip: Whip up some asparagus for dinner and watch how it perks up your mood and adds some sizzle to your sex life.

Remember, Ayurveda is all about balance. With the right food choices, you’re not just filling your belly, but also setting the stage for a great mood and an even better sex life. Who knew dining could be this delightful? 


2. Move & Groove: Ayurveda suggests that you don't always need intense gym sessions. Sometimes, simple activities like yoga or a relaxed walk are all you need. Not only do they lift your mood, but a good mood often translates to a better sex life. So, move a bit, feel good, and watch your intimate moments thrive.


3. Peace Out: Too many tabs open in the brain or on your laptop? Ayurveda recommends meditation. It’s like a clear path to turn that clutter into clarity. And a clear, relaxed mind is a straight road to a good mood and, yep, a better sex life.


4. Touch & Thrive: In Ayurveda, massages are more than just relaxation. They are rejuvenation sessions for the body and mind. Using herbal oils tailored to balance your doshas, these massages stimulate circulation and release tension. As stress goes away, it uplifts your mood. And here's a bonus: a good mood is a foundation for a better sex life. So, not only are you pampering your senses, but you're also setting the stage for enhanced intimacy. With every touch, you're on the path to a better mood and a more fulfilling sex life.


It’s all about simple things: eating right, relaxing, and moving. These basics can boost your mood and add some zest to your sex life; Ayurveda's easy steps can make life and love more fun.

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Shatavari - The Herb of Harmony: When you delve into Ayurveda, Shatavari stands out as the 'queen of herbs'. Why? This gem is packed with saponins, making it a game-changer for those looking to regulate menstrual cycles and combat menopause symptoms. Plus, if you're seeking to boost fertility or revitalize tissues, Shatavari has got your back. This isn’t just an age-old tale; it's nature's way of boosting our good mood and amplifying our sex life. For those eyeing an uplifted mood and a more vibrant sex life, getting acquainted with Shatavari is the way to go.



Ashwagandha - Goodbye, Stress!: We all know stress can be a real mood and sex life dampener. Ashwagandha, a star in Ayurvedic practices, is here to change that. Known for its energy-boosting and stress-relieving properties, it’s all about promoting a good mood, which is often the first step to a lively sex life.


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