The Healthy Digestion Kit

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Give your gut the attention it deserves with two of our best-selling products; Rest & Digest digestive capsules and Copper Tongue Scraper.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system can be found in your gut? A healthy gut therefore contributes to overall well-being.  

That’s exactly why we created The Healthy Digestion Kit. Our Rest & Digest capsules use a soothing blend of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs - including Ginger and Triphala - to boost and detoxify your digestive system. Combine this with daily use of the Copper Tongue Scraper, and you can effectively remove bacteria, dead cells and toxins from the tongue’s surface, boosting digestion.

Natural - Both the capsules and tongue scraper are a natural way to give your gut the helping hand it needs, removing any impurities and supporting your overall digestive health.

Boosted oral & gut health - The tongue scraper isn’t just good for your gut but also for boosting oral hygiene. In fact, it removes more bacteria and toxins than a standard toothbrush.

Simple to use - Just take one capsule, twice a day, and use the tongue scraper every morning. Self-care never looked so easy. 

Tried and tested - Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic rituals, these ingredients and techniques have been used for thousands of years to promote healthy stomachs and aid digestive support. 

The Healthy Digestion Kit includes:

  • One Copper Tongue Scraper
  • One month’s supply of Rest and Digest capsules (60 capsules)*

*Each capsule contains Ayurvedic herbs: Ginger, Fennel, Long Pepper, Triphala, Carom Seed, and Turpeth. They are 100% vegan and vegetarian, and are free from any filler. Our capsules don’t contain any soy, gluten or dairy either. 

Begin your day by using the Copper Tongue Scraper. This should ideally be carried out first thing in the morning and before brushing your teeth, to prevent any toxins from entering the body and causing digestive issues. 

Step 1: Extend your tongue out as far as possible. Place the scraper at the back of your tongue and press down lightly. 

Step 2: Pull forwards slowly, towards the tongue’s tip, using a small amount of pressure.

Step 3: Rinse your mouth with water and repeat until there is no debris remaining on the surface of your tongue. 

Step 4: Wash the tool and leave to dry. 

Step 5: After your morning meal, take one Rest and Digest capsule. You can take a second capsule later on, again after a meal. 

Note: If you have any other medical conditions, are pregnant or currently take any other medication, you should consult your doctor before using Deja supplements. 

Natural, Vegan & Eco-friendly

We’re committed to pure plant power: Deja blends are finely balanced and filler-free to protect the earth and prioritise your wellbeing.












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