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Put a spring in your step with Ayurveda

Spring is finally here and, after months of dark mornings and cold weather, it’s no surprise our bodies and minds are craving something new. But it can also leave us feeling irritable, heavy and tired when the seasons begin to change. There is a solution though, and it all comes down to a seasonal routine. So join us as we reveal an Ayurvedic spring routine… 

The Kapha season

Ayurveda teaches us that every season identifies with a dosha - Kapha, Pitta or Vata. Spring is associated with Kapha. Made up of earth and water, Kapha characteristics are slow, heavy, damp and sensitive to cold. Just think about spring’s characteristics - muddy, sometimes rainy and heavy air thanks to more pollen. If we compare spring to all the other seasons, it’s definitely the most changeable too. Think of the weather, one week you’re outside drinking your iced Chai latte to go and the next you’re cosying up in front of the fire to try and warm up. This change can all cause havoc on our mind and bodies. Those more dominant in the Kapha dosha might find this time of year particularly tough as increased Kapha levels flow around the body. This can result in even more sluggishness, heaviness and weight gain. But don’t worry, we have some Ayurvedic tips to help you out…

Ayurvedic tips for spring wellness

Eat a supportive diet

If you’ve noticed a change in your cravings, from winter to spring, then you’re not alone. While January and December make us eager for warm, heavy and filling foods, in spring it’s more likely that you’re in search of lighter meals. You might even find that your appetite is less too. This is your body’s way of telling you that it’s ready for a little spring clean and an Ayurvedic detox is just the thing. Even if you don’t want to do the whole detox, you can still support your body and digestive system by:

  • Eating light foods that are easy to digest
  • Drinking room temperature water, instead of cold water
  • Avoiding processed foods, dairy products, heavy carbohydrates and pungent, bitter and astringent foods
  • Reducing the amount of snacks in between meals 
  • Being sure to eat at the same time every day to help with regularity 

Embrace uplifting rituals 

Rituals are the little things we do every day for ourselves, and if they have benefits for your mental, physical and emotional health even better. Don’t worry if you struggle to find the time for me-time as the renewing nature of spring is perfect for developing some personal intentions! Some of our favourites include:

  • Self-massage with oils to calm, replenish and relax the body
  • 30 minutes of yoga practice to boost energy and promote clarity
  • Morning tongue scraping to remove a build up of toxins, bacteria and residue
  • A warming first drink to gently awaken and stimulate your senses. We can’t get enough of our all-natural, organic and vegan latte powders that are designed to help you to tune into your body and balance your emotions

Get moving

With the weather brighter and days longer, now’s the perfect time to add walks into your daily routine. And, the right exercise can also help your body and mind to combat the heavy spring season. After all, exercise gets our blood moving, increases heat and can leave us feeling light - which all balances KaphaIt’s the season to try something new too so why not give swimming, biking or even yoga a go? Poses like Sun Salutation and Reverse Warrior can open our chest, allowing us to breathe in all the fresh air. Others like the Side Plank and Spinal Rolls can stretch our bodies after the long winter months and leave us feeling fresh and renewed. 


Use Ayurvedic herbs

We’ve already mentioned that spring can cause excess Kapha levels. But to bring it back into check, there’s a whole host of Ayurvedic super-herbs that will keep your mind, body and gut happy.  

  • Turmeric - Allergies can be rife this time of year (and don’t we know it) which is why Turmeric should be an essential store cupboard ingredient. It’s packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties meaning it's a strong fighter of allergies. It also contains Curcumin which decongests and reduces mucus in the body. In fact, this is exactly why we’ve included it in our Gold Shield Immunity capsules - which give your body everything it needs to fight the season ahead.

  • Triphala - This herb is perfect if you want to get rid of any toxins left over in your body from winter. By cleansing your insides, it rejuvenates and supports a healthy digestive system after months of heavy food. You can find it in our Rest & Digest capsules - a daily supplement that leaves your body happy from the inside-out. 

  • Tulsi - Also known as Holy Basil or Queen of the herbs, Tulsi is another great one for cleansing your body of toxins. It’s been proven to strengthen the immune system and helps with gas and bloating. It has antidepressant properties too which stimulate energy levels and encourage positive mental wellbeing. 
  • Cinnamon - It’s warm, spicy and pungent, and is great for balancing out Kapha’s characteristics. Not just that but it’s been proven to stimulate blood circulation, help with pain and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Yes please! It’s also effective at treating digestive issues, reduces gas and regulates blood sugar levels. Now that’s a super spice. 

Need a little more help? We have a whole range of Ayurvedic-inspired products and supplements that are designed to give your body, mind and gut the helping hand it needs - throughout every season. From our Gold Shield capsules that’ll leave your body strong enough to fight whatever’s thrown its way to our Gold Power latte powder that gives energy levels a boost, you can be sure to survive and thrive the seasonal changes, time after time. And of course, if you need any other Ayurvedic advice or inspiration, we’re always on the other side of a DM.

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