Positive Thinking for better Health and Wellbeing

Written by: Shirley Gill



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Positive thinking, not just a trendy phrase, is a power tool and a lifestyle that has the power to take your health and wellbeing to the next level, and keep it there. How so? Well, imagine wielding the power to shape your health, mood, and social interactions. With positive thinking, you can do that. It's like having a superpower - a mind superpower, and who wouldn't want that?

Positive Thinking and Physical Health

So, let's talk about how positive thinking enhances your physical health. Scientists have done their research, and the results are in; positive thinkers tend to be in superior health compared to their more pessimistic buddies. They tend to have lower stress levels, fewer states of depression, better immune systems, healthier hearts, and they even live longer.

How does it all work? It's pretty simple. Positive thinking acts like a stress-buster, lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Also, positive thinkers often opt for healthier lifestyle choices and enjoy a robust sense of purpose. Now, stress can be pretty rough on your body, and over time, it can lead to serious health issues like heart disease and diabetes. But with a positive outlook on life, you can keep stress and its adverse effects in check. Just remember, positive thinking isn't about ignoring the bad stuff. It's about tackling tough situations with a more optimistic approach, focusing on the bright side, learning from challenges, and believing in your power to conquer.

The Connection Between Positive Thinking and Mental Wellbeing

Okay, physical health check, but what about the mind? Positive thinking has some serious perks for your mental wellbeing too. It's like a stress, anxiety, and depression buster, contributing to a healthier, happier mind.


Positive thinking can increase resilience, enabling individuals to bounce back from difficult situations more quickly and efficiently. It can help you deal with hardships in a healthier manner, reducing the potential psychological damage these experiences may cause.


Practicing positive thinking can also lead to improved self-esteem. Believing in yourself is like having your personal cheerleader, boosting your confidence to tackle any hurdle and achieve your goals.
So, next time life hands you lemons, remember the power of positive thinking. Harness it, and you'll not only see improvements in your health but your entire life. It's time to think positive and live positively!

Positive thinking and Ayurveda

Are you seeking a positive shift in your life? Look no further, because the secret may lie in the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, a holistic healthcare approach. Positive thinking, an important piece of Ayurveda, is crucial for a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Think of positive thinking as part of a tripod of Ayurvedic health, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. It's about maintaining 'Sattva,' the state of purity, harmony, and balance. Stay positive, and you're more likely to enjoy a peaceful mind and good health.


Modern healthcare is catching up to the importance of positive thinking too. Practices like cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction now blend Ayurvedic principles with modern techniques for a holistic approach to health.

Also, don't forget about Ayurveda's nature-backed powerhouses — herbs. These can naturally boost your mood and nurture positive thinking. Here are a few:

  • Ashwagandha: A stress-busting herb that can enhance brain function and nurture positivity.
  • Brahmi: Improves memory and cognition, reduces anxiety, and helps you maintain a positive mindset.
  • Gotu Kola: A mood-enhancer that can help keep your cognitive function sharp.
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil): A powerful stress-reliever that promotes a sense of calm and positivity.
  • Shankhpushpi: An Ayurvedic herb that encourages a tranquil mind and positivity.

Incorporating Ayurvedic principles and herbs into your lifestyle could be your key to maintaining a positive mindset, leading to overall better health. Try Deja Mind Balance, made from 11 superior Ayurvedic herbs. Just two capsules daily, and you're on your way to serenity and positivity. Kick-start your day with Deja Mind Balance for an extra morning boost. Embrace the power of Ayurveda, and let positive thinking guide your way to wellness. 

Positive Thinking Techniques for Better Health

So, we've discussed how positive thinking boosts your mental and physical health. But you might wonder, "How do I stay positive?" We've got some easy tips up our sleeve to help you stay upbeat. Let's dive into the power of positive thinking.

Positive Affirmations:

Kickstart your day with a dose of positivity with positive affirmations. Think of them as little pep talks for your soul. Imagine being your own cheerleader, rooting for you every step of the way. They help you paint a big, bright picture of your day and trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Gratitude Journaling:

Feeling grateful? Great, write that down! Gratitude journaling is like the wholesome, healthy smoothie for your brain. It keeps your focus on the sunny side of life. A happier you, less stress, and better sleep. Who can say no to that?

Mindfulness and Meditation:

In the pursuit of positive thinking, mindfulness and meditation are your allies. They help you stay in the 'now', reduce worry, and promote a positive outlook on life.

Reframe Negative Thoughts:

Stumble upon a negative thought? Don't worry. Change its narrative and look for the silver lining. This simple technique is a powerful tool for cultivating positive thinking.

Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Okay, time for some real-life magic. Surround yourself with positive energy. Hang out with those happy-go-lucky friends, watch movies that give you the feels, read books that lift your spirit, or simply chill in your happy place. Positive energy is contagious!


Prioritise your physical health. Regular exercise, balanced meals, and adequate sleep are crucial for fostering a positive mindset. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

Set Positive Goals:

Now let's sprinkle some positivity into your daily goals. Start small, win big. Celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. And always remember to take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, exercise well - a happy body equals a happy mind.

Adopt a Growth Mindset:

See it, feel it, and believe it. Remember, with a growth mindset, every failure is just a stepping stone towards success. So, gear up, embrace positive thinking, and watch as your life transforms.

So, step into the world of positive thinking and see how it transforms your life. Let's make positivity our mantra!

Positive Thinking in Challenging Times

Life is quite the roller coaster, packed with exciting highs and unavoidable lows. In those tricky downturns, holding on to a positive outlook can sometimes feel as challenging as balancing on a tightrope. But here's where the incredible superpower of positive thinking comes to the rescue.

Let's clarify a thing or two about positive thinking. It's not about ignoring the clouds and only focusing on the rainbows. It's okay to have negative thoughts and feelings - they're part of being human. Positive thinking is all about giving a friendly nod to those negative emotions, understanding them, and then flipping your mindset to look for the positive or the lesson in every scenario.

During those stormy times, it's helpful to use your positive thinking techniques. Whip out your gratitude journal or your go-to feel-good book. Get a dose of nature or hang out with your mood-boosting friends. Think of these tools like positivity anchors, keeping you steady amidst the waves, helping you navigate through the storm, and guiding you to emerge on the other side, making you stronger and wiser. So, embrace the power of positive thinking - it's your secret weapon to surf life's waves with a smile.

The Ripple Effect of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is your superpower that doesn't just stick with you—it's contagious, like laughter.

Positive thinking creates a ripple effect that can influence our families, our communities, and society at large. It can foster a more positive environment, improve relationships, and enhance collective wellbeing.

By flexing your positive thinking muscles, we're helping to create a society that's healthier, and happier. 

As we wrap up, let's take a moment to soak in the magic of positive thinking. It's not just a mantra, it's a lifestyle and it’s free, unlimited, and available at your command.

Positive thinking is like a quiet, strong helper inside your head that can step in when times are tough, encouraging you to find hope. It's about focusing on the good things, cultivating a positive outlook, and witnessing it grow into happiness, strength, and wellness.

Remember, Positive thinking isn't about ignoring life's problems. It's about bravely facing them with a positive attitude, understanding that each difficulty brings you closer to success. It's about learning, improving, and growing. So, when life gets hard, use your positive thinking as a tool to turn obstacles into opportunities.


Positive thinking is something you do for yourself, and its benefits also affect those around you. So, join the journey of positivity for a happier, healthier life.