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Homemade Ayurvedic tonics to calm stomach symptoms

April marks IBS awareness month - otherwise known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Which if you don’t know is a condition where certain food and drink can trigger gas, bloating, abdominal pain and even diarrhea and constipation.

But the truth is, whether you’ve been diagnosed with IBS or not, we can all suffer with similar symptoms of IBS. But there is an answer and, according to Ayurveda, it starts in the kitchen. So join as we reveal some tried and tested Ayurvedic stomach remedies and Ayurvedic treatments for IBS… 

Trust your gut

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that in Ayurveda, the gut is the gateway to good health. Forget the old saying, you are what you eat. Ayurveda says we are what we digest. And while certain foods can strengthen your gut and boost your digestive system, others can weaken it. 

It’s believed that fried, very cold and processed foods can actually put our gut under huge amounts of stress and leave undigested residue which turns into toxins. For this reason, Ayurvedic practitioners advise us to only eat when we’re hungry, and keep a gap between meals to ensure everything’s been digested.

Plus, if you’ve got a specific concern that’s upsetting your stomach, there’s a whole host of home remedies to restore a little harmony in your body from the inside-out.


1. Ghee, salt and hot water

Best for: Constipation 

Mix hot water, ½ tsp salt and 1 tsp of ghee and then sit back and sip it slowly. Best consumed an hour after eating, the ghee helps to lubricate your intestines and salt gets rid of bacteria. Ghee also contains a fatty acid called butyrate which is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and ability to boost the digestion process


2. Honey or Fennel Seeds and warm water

Best for: Bloating

Drinking anything with warm water can help your stomach to feel better. That’s because when you don’t drink enough water, the small intestine will try to take any water it can get from food consumed - causing dehydration around the body and making bowel movements less regular. Ayurveda also recommends warm water over cold water because it’s better at breaking down foods and keeps things moving as well as being more hydrating. When paired with ingredients like Fennel Seeds or Honey, it can be even more effective.

Fennel Seeds help to soothe muscles in the gut and stomach, relaxing them, and reducing gas, cramps and bloating. Honey contains enzymes that promote healthy digestion and it’s actually proven to reduce diarrhea because of its slow-moving sugars. Simply warm your water, add Honey or toasted Fennel Seeds and enjoy!


3. Amla Fruit

Best for: Acid reflux

Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is best eaten raw. Just cut it up and enjoy a fresh fruit salad that tastes great and is even better for your insides! It’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and is effective at reducing imbalances of the Pitta dosha - which is characterised by excessive heat - and responsible for acid reflux. Don’t worry if you can’t find Amla in your local supermarket. As one of our favourite super-fruits, we’ve included it in all three of our daily capsules!


4. Ginger Tea

Best for: Diarrhea 

Ginger has also long been favoured for its ability to remove gas and soothe the gut and intestinal tract. It’s also known to stimulate digestion and is packed full of antioxidants which rehydrate the body and replenish any lost vitamins and nutrients. Ayurveda says this is essential for treating diarrhea.

In fact, some Ayurvedic doctors actually advise against treating it with medicine and, instead recommend allowing the diarrhea to leave the body naturally and ensuring you’re building yourself up with ingredients like Ginger. You can either buy Ginger Tea already made or add a teaspoon of grated Ginger into some hot water, leave to sit and then strain and drink.

How Deja can help

At Deja, we’ve worked with the top Ayurvedic experts to bring you a complete selection of all-natural supplements and products - designed to restore your mind, body and gut. 

One of our best-selling products, Rest & Digest works to naturally cleanse and detoxify your gut, supporting good digestion and maintaining stomach health. Made with a combination of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs - Triphala, Ginger, Fennel and Long Pepper - simply take one capsule up to twice a day and bring a little balance back into your gut. 

“I've been having an issue with my stomach for years now, tried medicine from the doctor and nothing seemed to help - but I've been taking these for a month and have seen such an improvement. Not so bloated and less stomach cramps. Highly recommend it.” Eddie.

There’s another easy way you can support your gut too - by using a Tongue Scraper daily. Over night, bacteria, toxins and debris can sit on our tongue and, if left, will enter our digestive tract and could cause havoc to our insides - something none of us want! 

Remember, if you are suffering with any IBS symptoms, we advise speaking to your doctor for medical advice. But if you’re looking for a natural and proven way to restore your stomach and digestive system back to health, a few Ayurvedic remedies and lifestyle changes could be all you need. 

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