Amla: The Wonder Berry

If you’re new to Ayurveda, chances are you’ve been wondering about Amla — we talk about it a lot.

This little wonder berry, otherwise known as the Indian gooseberry, is immensely important in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s packed with so many nutrients that Western medicine is sitting up and taking notice, too. It improves everything from skin to hair, immunity to IBS. Let’s take a look at this secret weapon’s superpowers.


Skin in the game

Amla is loaded with vitamins ; for perspective, 100g of amla berries packs the same amount of Vitamin C as twenty oranges. It also contains Vitamin A. Great news for your skin: Vitamin C has reparative properties, and works to smooth, soften and delay the effects of ageing, while Vitamin A works to keep the skin healthy, preventing breakouts. 


Healthy hair, don’t care 

Amla boosts the body’s absorption of calcium, which creates healthier bones, teeth, nails and hair. It also supports the strength of the hair follicles, so there’s less thinning with age, leaving your locks lustrous for longer. It also protects your colour - bonus.


Antioxidant Power

Amla is an antioxidant, preventing and repairing the  damage caused to cells by free radicals. All that Vitamin C we mentioned earlier helps the body recover from illness, while the Vitamin A boosts immunity and stops you getting sick in the first place. The berries also include several flavonols, chemicals that have been linked to benefits including improved memory and prevention of vascular diseases. 


Best digest 

Ayurveda teaches us that the mind and the gut are intrinsically linked. Amla cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, flushing toxins away and improving digestion to allow the body and brain to communicate. This symbiosis is one of the key reasons we include Amla in the Mind Balance formula; we wanted to focus on the link between mind and body, in turn promoting focus and calm.

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