Seeking Balance : Discover your Dosha

If you are just diving into Ayurveda then you are probably wondering what these doshas are all about. Your dosha is your life force or energy - we are all made up of all three but everyone has a dominant dosha that dictates the processes your body undergoes, your emotions and behaviour. When these are out of whack that’s when we get sick, so understanding your dosha is a great place to start; and tuning into your imbalances can help you solve any health problems you face.
There are thousands of years of Ayurvedic theory behind these. Here’s an overview to help you get to know the doshas so that you can navigate your one-person universe and restore balance within. Meet the three doshas: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. 


Kapha is the dosha that the rest of us all wish we had a little more of: cool, calm and collected with a steady temperament, lustrous locks and smooth, glowy skin. But as Ayurveda teaches us, life is all about balance, so Kaphas feel great when they introduce a little breeze and lightness that prevents their grounded nature from feeling a little too heavy. So take a crisp morning walk, opt for light, citrusy fragrances and eat lots of fresh, raw fruit and veg to balance heavy earth and water with light air and ether.


Focused and fiery, Pitta is the dosha with all the drive and ambition. Pitta is naturally sporty, not only because of its competitive nature but also because it tends to have a strong, athletic build. But as Ayurveda teaches us, life is all about balance, so Pitta should avoid adding more heat to its furnace. Choose light, loose fitting clothes and cooler climates to feel at ease. As Pitta is also the driving force behind digestion it’s best to avoid anything in excess, and whatever you do don’t skip mealtimes: Pitta is famous for bouts of ‘hangriness’!



Airy, creative and restless, dreamy Vata is energetic and enthusiastic. Vata is usually slender-framed and very agile, with a quick wit to match. But as Ayurveda teaches us, life is all about balance, so Vata will enjoy long, luxurious oil massages - or just a few drops in a hot bath - to help your mind and body slow down and soothe skin that’s prone to feeling dry. Meditation and yoga will also help to calm your roaming thoughts and feed your spirituality, and don’t forget to fill your wardrobe with cosy knits and stick to hot, hearty meals — Vata feels the cold more than anyone.

Take our dosha quiz to get on the path to better health, happiness and mental wealth. You will find out your dominant dosha which can equip you with the know-how to help you make better decisions surrounding your health.

And if you want to deep-dive further into your one-person universe, book a consultation with our Ayurvedic specialist Colette, who can help you recognise and treat any imbalances so that you can reach your full health.


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