Latte Mixes

Coffee? Who’s she? Swap your flat whites for our 100% natural, vegan and organic Ayurvedic latte powders, which are bursting with health benefits. Try our take on the popular Golden Milk Turmeric Latte, nourish your skin from within or even spice things up after dark with an adaptogenic and aphrodisiac blend.
There’s an Ayurvedic latte mix for every occasion. Simply combine the powder with your milk of choice (oat, cow’s, coconut or almond milk), pick out a chic glass jar from your cupboard, and garnish with maple syrup, chocolate sprinkles or even fresh Ginger and fresh Turmeric for a truly warming and comforting drink. Feel free to heat it up in a small saucepan or enjoy it cold - and don’t forget to get creative with a milk frother and some latte art! Ayurvedic medicines never looked so good.