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Enjoy 15% discount and avoid product build up with our flexible subscription service.

Can’t get enough of your Deja fix? We hear you! That’s why we’ve created a monthly subscription box for all your favourite products and supplements. What’s inside the beautiful box is just the start, as members receive exclusive discounts and benefits too. Our monthly Ayurvedic box means can have them delivered when and wherever you need them. Joining our Ayurvedic subscription has never been easier with our flexible subscription service.

Flexible Subscriptions

Subscriptions with Deja are *a lot* more flexible than usual. Once you’re subscribed, our service slows down or speeds up your next order based on how much Deja product you’re using. 

How it works

+ We email you seven days before your next order ships, and again three days later if you missed the first email

+ If you have too much (or too little!) Deja product, you can click to edit, and tell us how much you have. You can edit your subscription until midnight (UK time) the day before your next order is due to be processed. 

+ We’ll then calculate a change to the date of your next order, so that you get it when you’re just about to run out. This way, you don’t end up with too much (or too little!)

If you ever need help with your subscription, email us any time at and we'll tailor your subscription for you.

Why Everyone Loves Deja

What you're saying

Brain fog is clearing and my confidence and decision making is returning.

Nita K.

Not only does it make me feel calmer, but I also feel more positive and balanced with my emotions.

Marie P.

An incredible solution to fight the mood swings, stress, mind fatigue and monthly female hormonal challenges.

Vicky V.