Mind Balance Inside Tab 6


Deadline looming? Valo’s got you. It’s been proven to promote productivity and keep users feeling calm and clear headed.


Nootropic Nagarmotha is ultra-protective, preventing free radicals from accessing the brain’s memory centre. It supports the nervous system, allowing increased stimulation and mental alacrity. 


Stress-busting Kesar (also known as Saffron) has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels. It also alleviates tension, clears confusion and relieves fatigue.


Gentle Jatamansi soothes tired minds, allowing dopamine and serotonin levels to flourish. By helping to lift emotional stress, it improves memory function, too. 

Krishna Kamal

Also known as the passionflower, there’s lots to love about Krishna Kamal. Scientists have found it improves sleep, soothes symptoms of stress and helps relax the nervous system.


Hardworking Pippali allows the body to absorb and optimise the rest of the blend. It has its own great properties, too, being both protective and energising