Latte-Love - BENEFITS

Rose Latte: skin health - A cooling and purifying blend of Ayurvedic super-herbs designed to improve complexion, calm the skin and detoxify to help you look your best, and glow from the inside out. 

Cacao Latte: libido & mood - Thanks to the blend of aphrodisiac and balancing Ayurvedic super-herbs and spices, this latte powder balances hormones, can help increase fertility and gets you in the mood. 

Simple self-care - A delicious daily ritual to enjoy any time of the day. Simply mix the powder with your milk of choice and let the Ayurvedic herbs do all of the hard work. 

Natural & Vegan - Our organic latte powder combines all natural and vegan ingredients, meaning no-one has to miss out on its Ayurvedic benefits. We never use any refined sugar either.

Great taste - Our Latte mixes tastes delicious too, with a chocolatey flavour and a subtle creamy rose flavour. It’s a treat for your eyes and taste buds. 

Copper Tongue Scraper Benefits:

Boost oral hygiene 

Research shows that using a tongue scraper is more effective at removing bad bacteria and toxins, compared to just using a standard toothbrush. 

Better breath 

By removing any bacteria that’s harbouring on your tongue, your mouth will be fresher with better breath. 

Pure copper

Copper is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial