Love Cacao - BENEFITS

Pleasure & intimacy - Thanks to the blend of aphrodisiac and balancing Ayurvedic super-herbs and spices, this latte powder balances hormones, can help increase fertility and gets you in the mood. 
Simple self-care - Your daily ritual just got even better. Simply mix the powder with your milk of choice and let the Ayurvedic super-herbs do all of the hard work. 
Natural, Vegan  & Organic - Our latte powders are 100% natural, organic and completely vegan meaning everyone can take advantage of Ayurveda’s benefits. We don’t use any refined sugar either.
Great taste - Made with organic Cacao, our Chocolate Latte Powder tastes delicious as well as having a number of health benefits too. 
Tried and tested - Each powder takes inspiration from Ayurvedic approaches which have been around for 5,000 years.