Latte-Love - HOW TO USE

Latte mixes:

Mix two teaspoons of the powder with a dash of milk (choose your favourite, we like coconut, oat or hazelnut milk) or hot water to make a paste. Then, slowly add the rest of your milk while stirring. Why not try a warm hot chocolate drink in the colder months, sprinkled with gratings of dark chocolate? And, in summer, mix it with cold milk for a delicious milkshake. 

As with any herbal or Ayurvedic supplements, if you take any other medication, are pregnant or suffer from any other conditions, we advise consulting your doctor beforehand. 

Copper Tongue Scraper:

Step 1: Before brushing your teeth, extend your tongue as far as possible. Place the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue and gently press down.
Step 2: Slowly pull forwards along the surface of the tongue, towards the tip of your tongue, applying a small amount of pressure.
Step 3: Rinse the debris off with water and repeat until there is nothing coming off
your tongue anymore.
Step 4: Remember to wash your tongue cleaner and leave to dry. Copper naturally discolours over time – to give your tongue cleaner an extra shine you can clean it with a spritz of lemon.