Rose Latte Powder: Glow Wild

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A beautifying and purifying blend of skin cooling herbs - say bye bye to bad skin days and hello to a glowing, healthy complexion with our Rose Latte Powder - just add to milk for a delicious pink drink.


100% natural, vegan and organic, it’s packed with pure Rose powder for its anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties, Sariva for its soothing and complexion clearing effects and Manjishtha for its detoxifying benefits. For added flavour, we’ve included Coconut Milk Powder, which is rich in Vitamin C and Copper to help prevent wrinkles and reduce signs of ageing. For an added bonus, Rose also nourishes the mind and heart. 

Oh, and did we mention, it’s a beautiful pink colour - thanks to Beetroot Powder which has also been shown to help skin cell renewal and clarity. Your Instagram feed is gonna love it!

Skin health - A cooling and purifying blend of Ayurvedic super-herbs designed to improve complexion, calm the skin and detoxify to help you look your best, and glow from the inside out. 

Simple self-care - A delicious daily ritual to enjoy any time of the day. Simply mix the powder with your milk of choice and let the Ayurvedic herbs do all of the hard work. 

Natural & Vegan - Our organic latte powder combines all natural and vegan ingredients, meaning no-one has to miss out on its Ayurvedic benefits. We never use any refined sugar either.

Great taste - Our Rose Latte mix is a pretty pink and tastes delicious too, with a subtle creamy rose flavour. It’s a treat for your eyes and taste buds. 

Tried and tested - Each of our latte mixes takes inspo from Ayurvedic approaches which have been around for more than 5,000 years, but with our modern Deja twist.

Each serving of Rose Latte Powder contains: 

  • Rose Centifolia 
  • Beetroot powder
  • Sariva
  • Manjishtha
  • Coconut milk powder
  • Coconut sugar

Our Rose Latte Powder is 100% vegetarian, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. It’s also free from filler and doesn't contain any soy or dairy. We’ve designed our rose latte skin supplements to work alongside - and support - a healthy lifestyle, diet and skin care routine. 

Approximately 15 servings per jar (2 tsp per serving).

Mix two teaspoons of the powder with a dash of milk or hot water to make a paste. Then, slowly add the rest of your milk while stirring. Whisk to remove any lumps. In the winter, we like to use a milk frother for an extra creamy cup. And, come summer, mix it with cold milk and ice for the tastiest rose latte milkshake you’ve had. Special hack: sprinkle rose petals on top for an Instagram-worthy shot. 

As with any herbal or Ayurvedic skin supplements, if you take any other medication, are pregnant or suffer from any other conditions, we advise consulting your doctor beforehand. 

Natural, Vegan & Eco-friendly

We’re committed to pure plant power: Deja blends are finely balanced and filler-free to protect the earth and prioritise your wellbeing.










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