Nootropics 101

Although nootropics (from the Greek meaning “mind-turning”) have gained a lot of popularity recently, natural nootropics have been used in Ayurveda for centuries. But what are these substances anyway? 

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a nootropic?

Also known as 'Smart drugs', these are natural or synthetic substances that improve mental performance, most popularly found in caffeine. They can help in boosting:
+ memory
+ focus
+ mental performance 
+ creativity
+ reduce brain fog
+ motivation 

Probably the most widely used nootropic is caffeine, consumed in drinks like coffee and tea for their stimulant effects. Studies suggest that caffeine is safe for most people in moderate amounts, but it can also have some undesired effects such as anxiety and coffee jitters. It’s also just a short term kick that doesn’t have a long term impact on mental performance.

Natural vs. synthetic

There are two kinds of nootropics – 
  • Natural nootropics - These include all-natural ingredients like herbs and plant extracts that are used to enhance mental performance. 
  • Synthetic smart drugs - These are pharmaceutical substances, usually a type of stimulant drug, that can have a strong effect on mental functions. They usually need a prescription from a doctor and are often used to treat medical conditions such as ADHD.


Synthetic drugs like Adderall and Ritalin can have the strongest impact on our brain power but can come with side effects that can harm healthy functioning of the brain. 

Many natural nootropics are used in alternative medicine, and are shown to be effective alternatives to help boost mental performance without the need for chemicals.

Natural nootropics can be slower acting than synthetic ones, so are often taken in combination to boost their effectiveness. Deja Mind Balance was created using a smart combination of natural nootropics and other herbs, each targeting different areas such as focus, memory, energy along with boosting brain performance. 


We combined our favourite nootropics in Deja Mind Balance – 



Studies have shown that taking Brahmi increased learning and memory, as well as improving mental performance and reversing memory loss. Exactly what you need when you’ve got a million things on your mind! Some other benefits of Brahmi–
  • Support focus and concentration
  • Encourage a balanced emotional state
  • Open and clarify the mind
  • Strengthen memory and intellect



Also known as vetiver, in studies, Valo was shown to have anxiolytic properties (that’s anxiety reducing to you and me). It's been shown to–

+Promote productivity
+Calm the mind
+Boost brainpower and focus



This wonder herb cuts through information overloads to give you the clarity you need when you’re at your busiest. Each and every part of this herb is extremely beneficial for treating a host of ailments and improving your lifespan as well as:
+ Improve the memory capacity, focus,
+ Powerful memory booster
+ Beneficial in improving digestion
+ Nourishes skin from within and imparts a radiant and healthy glow



This herb is a soothing, sleep-improving ingredient with nootropic properties galore. It also boosts the brain’s ability to learn. Some other benefits of this herb are-
+ Improved memory and learning
+ Lifts emotional stress
+ Decreased anxiety

Natural nootropic have traditionally been combined together as they often work better together, and can compliment each other to provide optimum brain function.

We combined our favourite natural Nootropics into Deja Mind Balance, with ingredients traditionally prized for their cognitive capabilities.

Brahmi, Valo, Shankhavali and Jatamansi are just four of the eleven powerful herbs that make up the formula; all have been chosen to help your brain perform at its best, targeting all areas from focus, memory, and mood, along with boosting brain performance.