5 Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthy Autumn

5 Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthy Autumn

September officially marked the start of autumn. But if you struggle with the cold weather and dark nights, you’re not alone. Having been used to lighter days and warmer temperatures, the changing season can soon take its toll on our mind, and body. After all, there’s a reason that this time of year is known as flu season. 

There is a solution, however. Ancient Indian medicinal practices, also known as Ayurveda, believe that to stay balanced and healthy in the colder months, we need to follow seasonal rhythms alongside cycles of nature. 

If we look at autumn and winter for example, they’re windy, cold, dry and rough. These are all symptoms which can be found in Vata Dosha - which Ayurvedic practitioners believe to be present in someone’s body and mind. For this reason, to balance your Vata Dosha during fall season, you need to keep warm, calm and grounded. Read on to find out exactly how you can stay on track during the cold months… 


Eat warm seasonal food

It goes without saying that hot and hearty dishes should be on the menu during autumn. But you should also consider adding ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. Not only do they taste great but they contain anti-inflammatory properties that combat cold and flu symptoms, meaning you can stay healthy. Good fats like ghee and sesame oil are also packed with nutrients and they add moisture and heaviness to meals in a dry Vata season. 

Find your daily routine

Whether it’s exercising, reading a book or taking some time out for yourself, routine is hugely important. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that we should try and do the same thing every day, at roughly the same time. This goes for waking up, eating and going to bed. By doing this, you can help your mind and body to get into a working pattern. Waking up early to enjoy a few calming hours can also help you to focus. 

Try gentle exercise 

With the Vata season and autumn being harsh, brash and challenging on our bodies, it’s a good idea to take things slow when it comes to exercise. Consider yoga, walking, swimming or tai chi, but be sure that you’re doing them at an appropriate intensity level for your fitness. 

Consider supplements 

A super-herb and a Vata-reducing ingredient, supplements containing Ashwagandha can help to reset, refresh and rejuvenate your body. As well as this, it helps to focus the mind and promotes calm and deep sleep. It really is a powerhouse ingredient, and can be found in our Mind Balance capsules. 

Enjoy a massage

As well as being a calming and enjoyable experience, a massage using oils can help to counterbalance the cold and dry weather outside. In Ayurvedic rituals, they use a massage practice called Abhyanga every day as part of their self-care routine to stop the skin from getting dry and sore. 


So there you have it. 5 of the best health tips for autumn that guarantee a happy and balanced mind and body, whatever the weather. For more tips and best practice advice, visit our blog. Plus, if you want to give your body the helping hand it needs this autumn, shop our full range of supplements here

As Ayurvedic said, life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.


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